Inspiring our students (a note from M4S founder Justine Henning)

A senior in high school (let’s call him Tom) arrived at my home this evening, shortly after failing his calculus final. His mother had contacted me, hoping that I would help him pass a re-test. We had never met before. In two hours, I did my best to prepare Tom to earn 22 more points than he did the first time he took the final. As we worked, Tom told me that he’s been accepted to college and intends to study nanotechnology there. Moving quickly (obviously, time was of the essence!), I showed Tom the M4S profile of Bioengineer Derek… Learn more

What a difference a year makes

This week Math4Science and dozens of supporters celebrated our first year as a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a holiday season house party. “It’s inspiring to bring people together to celebrate what we’ve achieved and help us build into the future,” said co-founder Justine Henning. In just one year, Math4Science has not only become an official non-profit organization but also built a beautiful website (many thanks to web designer Amelia Otte, who donated her time to M4S over the past two years) and recruited a talented and dedicated Board of Directors as well as an energetic Board of Advisors. The M4S team… Learn more

Of Bombs, Plants, and Primordial Light: M4S in Washington, D.C. and Around New York This Summer

Math4Science went on the road this summer, meeting with Kavita Mehra, Chief Transformation Officer for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Newark, New Jersey (BGCN), and traveling further from Brooklyn to tour NASA Goddard with Spacecraft Systems Engineer Paul Mirel. Seeing the beautiful gyms, pool, and new STEM classroom at BGCN’s clubhouse was rivalled only by the mind-blowing (and potentially eardrum-blowing!) size of the speaker technicians at NASA use to make sure machinery they send into outer space can withstand very loud noises (such as those made by the launch of a rocket). While in the D.C. area, we headed… Learn more

Growing our Programs: M4S at School, Explore Math, and Explore Science

M4S at School has ramped up our partnerships with schools, helping teachers and students make the most of our resources. This week Park Slope Collegiate, a school serving sixth- through twelfth-grade students representing Brooklyn’s socio-economic diversity, hosted a second set of Math4Science lessons in its eighth grade math classroom. Today’s session began with questions about how students get to school and who they think designs and maintains the subway lines, buses, trains, sidewalks, and roads that take them there. The student who answered “engineers” was so eager to read to the class about Civil Engineer Tysheina Robertson that he raised… Learn more

Fundraising is On

The frigid New York winter of 2015 has already been good to Math4Science. On February 7th, we held our first fundraiser, at the Brooklyn home of our CEO and Co-Founder Justine Henning and her husband, Tony Scott. Over 75 supporters came out on a chilly evening to learn about the progress Math4Science has made in the past year, from building our Board of Directors to establishing connections with scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians in dozens of states across the country and a number of NYC-area schools. Why support us in 2015? Because we’re ready to hire the master math teachers… Learn more

Winter news

November and December have been wonderful months for Math4Science. Thanks to many hours of work by our staff and the lawyers at O’Melveny & Myers, led by Vladimir Yelizarov and Junaid Chida, we completed and mailed our 501(c)(3) application. The narrative attached to Form 1023, a 105-page document, includes a few of the STEM professional profiles on our Meet the Scientists page, the lesson and practice problems featured on Explore Math, an explanation of our current and future programming, and a four-year budget. We are grateful to everyone who helped us complete the forms and narrative and to our Directors… Learn more

Fall news

In the last couple of months, Math4Science has added more exciting new bios. Check our Meet the Scientists page to learn about Behavioral Ecologist John Hoogland, who studies prairie dogs; Bioengineer Derek West, who uses nanotechnology to treat cancer; Immunologist Kent Teague, who investigates the effects of physical (think football) and psychological (think psychological childhood traumas) stress on the immune system; and Civil Engineer Cynthia Bridge Clark, who helps allocate water supplies in her state. Like our other STEM professionals, these newcomers to Math4Science work across the United States and are based in Maryland, Texas, Oklahoma, and Idaho. At the… Learn more

Incorporation, Nanotechnology, Educator Surveys … and Beyond

Math4Science, Inc. is now officially incorporated in the State of New York, thanks to the efforts of Vladimir Yelizarov of O’Melveny & Myers, who came to us by way of New York Lawyers for the Public Interest. In the months ahead, we will complete the paperwork necessary to make our application to the IRS, becoming a 501(c)(3) organization. We welcome Funding and Outreach Coordinator Erica Heisman, who has joined our team and helped us begin fundraising research. Erica’s also extending M4S’s outreach to scientists and schools. We look forward to what nonprofit status and the funds it will enable us… Learn more

What’s new from M4S

Many new scientist bios are going up on our website. Read about Engineer Julia Lintern, who helps keep Jet Blue’s passengers safe and has also applied her math skills to designing clothes and puppets. And check out Environmental Scientist T.J. Eatmon, whose students design and run aquaponics systems to breed fish and edible plants. Oceanographer Emmanuel Boss examines the ways light and sound move through water and uses the data he gathers to learn about the contents of Earth’s oceans. And Eric Pallant travels the world to help address environmental and social problems in places as far apart as Meadville,… Learn more