Our Mission

Math4Science introduces kids to the fun, important careers available to them in the sciences as they learn math.

Over decades of teaching, we have become concerned about the poor quality of many American math curricula and also about the fact that so few children (and parents) have any idea what most scientists do.  Our goals, in creating Math4Science, are to:

  • Teach math well, drawing on what we have learned over decades of working with children of different ages, from different schools and backgrounds, and aligning lessons and practice problems with the Common Core.
  • Introduce children (K-12) to scientists working in the United States in all fields.
  • Encourage kids with different interests, backgrounds, and creative inclinations to enjoy math and pursue math-related careers.

With Math4Science’s innovative and intuitive pedagogical architecture, teachers, schools, and school districts will raise their level of math instruction and achievement, while simultaneously meeting their needs for cross-disciplinary connections in their curricula and preparing students for credit-bearing college math courses. Math4Science aims to transform the way math is taught in the United States. Never again will students ask, “When am I going to use this?”

Guiding Principles

Open Source

Our curriculum, introducing students to scientists and fields of science as they learn math, will be available to all students, teachers, schools, school districts, and states who seek it, free of charge.

High Quality

At Math4Science, we teach math well, making decisions at every turn with quality education and constructive results (rather than speed, quantity, or profit) in mind; the M4S staff will be chosen and compensated accordingly. Lessons will be shaped by the best pedagogical practices and thoroughly reinforced by plentiful practice problems.  Students will be given opportunities to apply what they learn in increasingly complex applications, always discovering new ways working scientists use math as they move through the M4S curriculum.


From our featured scientists, to our staff, to the students and schools we serve, we intend to represent the diversity of the American population and to encourage children of all backgrounds and genders to learn math well and to consider studying STEM-related subjects on their way to entering STEM-related professions.


Math4Science does not represent and is not beholden to any particular educational or political ideology. Our featured scientists work for large corporations, small universities, nonprofits, and other organizations. Our pedagogy emerges from best practices in all approaches, from the most traditional to the most progressive.