A Note from Math4Science Founder Justine Henning

“For trees that have trouble getting water, what is possible to fix their situation?” “Before advanced tools were completely created, how were you able to investigate how trees survived during times of drought?” “Do all plants grow well with copper or only certain breeds?” “Why is Arapidopsis thaliana called ‘the fruit fly of plant biology’?” The new semester has brought a new Math4Science-inspired class to Urban Academy Laboratory High School, a small public high school in New York City. And as you can see in the questions above, students are already engaging with our STEM professionals. “What’s Data About” (WDA,… Learn more

New York City Public High School Students Visit M4S Scientists at University of Virginia

Did your math teachers take you on field trips? “Math is how we engage with the world,” Mechanical Engineer Bevin Etienne recently told a group of high schoolers visiting the University of Virginia. So one might think that math field trips — explorations of the world, led by math teachers — might be a common practice.  Yet they are rare. A director of Urban Academy Laboratory High School, a public school in New York City, invited Math4Science Founder Justine Henning to create a semester-long M4S course for their students.  “What’s Data About,” the course Henning came up with is a… Learn more

M4S@School Helps New York City Students Visit NASA

Math4Science Founder Justine Henning brought Urban Academy Laboratory High School’s calculus class to Maryland for a visit to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Goddard Space Flight Center.   Preparing for the Visit Math4Science lessons begin with an open-ended question designed to help students and teachers get to know each other and explore the role of STEM in their own lives. Engineers we interview often remember taking things apart and trying to put them back together as children. “What have you taken apart? What happened after that?” These were the questions we asked Urban Academy’s calculus students. K took apart… Learn more

Math Equity

  This semester, I’ve been lucky enough to teach a tiny math class at a school that genuinely wants to educate (in the best senses of that word) its students and frees teachers up to do so. There are no set curriculum, no enormous, dry textbooks, and no standardized tests to anticipate. Also, I’ve had some of their top math students in my class — not many kids make it to calculus at that school. Another wonderful thing about the place is that the student body comes from all over New York City and all sorts of economic and ethnic… Learn more

Connecting students and scientists

An update from M4S Founder Justine Henning What fun it has been to introduce my own math students to Math4Science this semester! This autumn, I have had the good fortune to fill in for a teacher on parental leave from Urban Academy Laboratory High School, an alternative public school in New York City. Aside from experiencing first-hand the challenges of teaching math in the classroom, I get to be part of a vibrant, supportive community of budding adults from all over NYC, students from all walks of life and family backgrounds. The deep, broad diversity of the student body and… Learn more

Fall update/fundraiser

It was an exciting summer at Math4Science! We have focused the first years of our existence building our Explore Science pages to introduce children to a wide array of STEM professionals. We’ve also designed a math curriculum that combines master teaching techniques with what we’ve been learning from the scientists we profile and begun testing it in New York City-area schools, with exciting results. This summer we turned our attention to begin building Explore Math, our K-12th grade math units, out of our knowledge of how to teach math effectively while incorporating information about featured STEM professionals in every problem students solve. Creating this curriculum will require hours and hours of… Learn more

Math4Science at Harvest Collegiate’s Career Day

  Behavioral Ecologist Jeanne Altmann and Math4Science Founder Justine Henning spoke with juniors and seniors at Harvest Collegiate High School, in Manhattan. These conversations took place on Monday, April 24th, as part of our M4S@School program and Harvest’s Career Day. M4S also provides Harvest with an extra pair of hands in two of their math classes, thanks to volunteer Tom Huser, who spends time at Harvest several days each week throughout the school year. A student artist explored the M4S profile of Photographer David Goldes online while a few of her peers asked Altmann what it was like to study baboons… Learn more

The March for Science is personal for our founder

Our founder, Justine Henning, has written an essay for Vox.com: Science is why my cancer diagnosis isn’t a death sentence. Today I march for science. The essay connects her own cancer diagnosis with the work of scientists that we feature here at Math4Science, and why she believes in the importance of science. Here are the opening paragraphs: I’ve been thinking frequently this month about Henrietta, my paternal grandmother. I try to imagine what it felt like to be an American Jew in the mid-1940s, with news coming in about what happened to one’s counterparts in Europe. Henrietta and all but… Learn more

Math4Science is optimistic about 2017!

2016 has been a year of growth at Math4Science, and we are looking forward to even more progress in the year ahead. We see part of our work as providing optimism and hope about the future, for young people as well as adults. Math4Science inspires all youth across the United States to become the scientists we will need to solve the problems of tomorrow. Your support helps us transform math education so that they can learn the math they need, today. Elizabeth Alter in the Bronx River, holding an eel and collecting DNA. Alter also studies mummichog in the Gowanus Canal,… Learn more

Orienting Students for Math

John Troutman McCrann, a high school math teacher, NBCT, and MfA Master Teacher Fellow in New York City, writes a column for Education Week about “his quest to integrate inquiry- and performance-based learning into his instruction, and how these concepts might inform education policy.” He is also a curriculum developer for Math4Science’s Explore Math curriculum and math and science teacher at Harvest Collegiate, one of M4S@School’s partner schools.  His latest column is entitled “Orienting Students for Math” and he discusses leading a group of teachers in a two day mathematical orientation for new 9th grade students. One of their objectives was to… Learn more