Math4Science is optimistic about 2017!

2016 has been a year of growth at Math4Science, and we are looking forward to even more progress in the year ahead.

We see part of our work as providing optimism and hope about the future, for young people as well as adults. Math4Science inspires all youth across the United States to become the scientists we will need to solve the problems of tomorrow. Your support helps us transform math education so that they can learn the math they need, today.

Elizabeth AlterĀ in the Bronx River, holding an eel and collecting DNA. Alter also studies mummichog in the Gowanus Canal, a heavily polluted Superfund site in Brooklyn, NY. It’s been only two years since we began our work and, thanks to your support, we have interviewed over 75 scientists, computer technologists, engineers, and mathematicians in 45 fields, putting many of their biographies online to teach young people about exciting opportunities available in these areas. We have brought Math4Science into several classrooms to get feedback on our innovative approach. And we have begun applying that feedback to build a full online and in-classroom curriculum, one grade at a time.

Earlier this month, our Board took an important step toward solidifying Math4Science as a sustainable organization by creating our first two paid part-time staff positions. Justine Henning, the co-founder of Math4Science, now serves as the Director of Programming, and will spend the next year using her decades of experience to expand the Explore Math curriculum and teacher resources, and reach out to schools to bring M4S@School (our in-person programming) into as many classrooms and after-school programs as possible. Polly Washburn, who brings a year of experience freelancing for M4S and many years of web and non-profit development experience, has taken on the role of Director of Development, Marketing and IT. She will enhance the M4S website, implementing interactive Explore Math problem sets for students and lessons and other resources for educators and parents. With that tangible service added to the website, she will work to increase our foundation and corporate funding to continue to expand our Explore Math, M4S@School, and Explore Science programs.

We hope our optimism is catching and that you will take a moment to demonstrate your commitment to a future America with a diverse workforce of scientists, technology professionals, engineers and mathematicians. If everyone who receives this email donates $100, we will be halfway toward meeting our budget for 2017.

We are so grateful for your support of M4S. Please contact us with your ideas and suggestions to help us reach as many students and teachers as possible.

May all your hopes for the new year come true —

Justine Henning
M4S Founder & Director of Programming

Polly Washburn
Director of Development, Marketing and IT