Winter news

November and December have been wonderful months for Math4Science.

Thanks to many hours of work by our staff and the lawyers at O’Melveny & Myers, led by Vladimir Yelizarov and Junaid Chida, we completed and mailed our 501(c)(3) application. The narrative attached to Form 1023, a 105-page document, includes a few of the STEM professional profiles on our Meet the Scientists page, the lesson and practice problems featured on Explore Math, an explanation of our current and future programming, and a four-year budget. We are grateful to everyone who helped us complete the forms and narrative and to our Directors and Advisors, who provide insightful support as we grow.

Speaking of our growing Advisory Board, we welcome the following advisors to the Math4Science team:

  • Sheri Berman, Professor of Political Science at Barnard College and Member of the Board of Trustees at the Harlem Education and Activities Fund
  • Pamela Mills, Professor of Chemistry at Hunter College and Principal Investigator at PERC (Peer Enabled Restructured Classroom)
  • Paul Mirel, Chief Engineer for the NASA Goddard PIPER Cosmology Experiment and M4S Spacecraft Systems Engineer
  • Jason Ravitz, Manager of Evaluation for K-12 Programs at Google
  • Benjamin Talton, Associate Professor of African History at Temple University

You can meet new scientists now at Behavioral Ecologist Charles Brown, of the University of Tulsa, studies cliff swallows and the ways changes in weather patterns affect the size of the colonies they form. Genetic Engineer Fyodor Urnov of Sangamo BioSciences and the University of California, Berkeley, uses zinc fingers to make changes in DNA, reducing the harm done by genetic diseases including Huntington’s Disease. And Civil Engineer Tysheina Robertson and her team at Denver Transit Partners are building a commuter rail to improve public transportation in Colorado. We are now up to twenty STEM professionals on our Meet the Scientists page, and counting.

Over the past two months we have also been busy planning our 2015 fundraising drive, which will feature six fun and exciting House Parties around New York City. These relaxed gatherings will be a chance for M4S staff, scientists, Board members, their relatives and friends, and anyone interested in the work we do to meet, talk, make new friends, and learn more about our programming from us and from special guest speakers. Be a part of it by making a donation now or by coming to one of our house parties.

For more information, contact Outreach Director Erica Heisman at


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