Artist with STEM Degree

Some people who study science, computer technology, engineering, or math in college and beyond use their degrees in the arts. Mathematician Helena Kauppila, a probability theorist, decided to make her work seem less mysterious and abstract to friends and family by combining it with paintings. Gradually, painting became more of a focus of her career. Complex systems, genetics, and other math and science inform her work, helping her “zoom out” from the personal process of painting or looking at a painting to the larger systems described by math and science.

Photographer David Goldes, trained as a molecular geneticist at Harvard, majored in biology and chemistry at the Buffalo campus of the State University of New York. He went on to photograph science-informed activity, from the behavior of magnetized pins to thousands of volts of electricity passing through a graphite circuit. Mechanical Engineer Julia Lintern improves cars and planes and teaches programming. She also designs puppets and clothing. Marek Bennett, a cartoonist, musician, and educator, studied mathematics and astronomy in college. Now he creates graphic novels and other cartoons, partly to teach his audiences about history, math, and science.