Ecologists study the ways different forms of life interact with their environments. Global Change Ecologist Xi Yang uses sophisticated tools from drones to satellite images to research the ways Earth’s changing climate affects trees.  Environmental Anthropologist and Evolutionary Biologist Georgina Cullman uses the tools of anthropology and geography to understand how people respond to ecological projects.

Carnivore Ecologist Rae-Wynn Grant studies the ways black bears, African lions, and other meat-eating animals interact with the places they live. Behavioral ecologists such as Jeanne AltmannCharles Brown, and John Hoogland focus their work on the ways animals such as baboons, cliff swallows, and prairie dogs behave and the ways the places they live affect their behavior.

Ecologist Joslin A. Bennett, a forester and EMT (emergency medical technician), uses her education in ecology to make the science she teaches meaningful for her students.