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Your support will enable us to inspire more children to pursue careers that will improve their families’ financial outlook and help our country meet the challenges of the 21st-century. 

Donations support Math4Science’s three areas of programming:

M4S@School partners with educators in schools and after-school programs to train teachers to use our online and customized materials to engage, inspire, and prepare math students. M4S@School Ambassadors are volunteers who provide extra hands in math classrooms each week. If you or your employees would like to become M4S@School Ambassadors, please contact

Explore Science profiles scientists, computer technologists, engineers, and mathematicians who become virtual (and, via M4S@School, in-person) mentors to K-12th grade math students.

Explore Math connects the math K-12th-grade students learn in school with work done by the Math4Science STEM professionals profiled in our Explore Science program. Like Explore Science, our Explore Math resources will be available online, free of charge, to students and their teachers and parents.

Math4Science is currently run by a dedicated staff and board of volunteers. Please help us expand our reach by donating generously.

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