Zookeepers take care of their animals by acting as nutritionists, behavioral specialists, and, of course, zoologists. They have to know how to keep their animals well-fed, happy, and healthy. Director of Animal Resources and Zoologist Anne Knapp is in charge of the nutritional needs of hundreds of animals at Zoo New England, which runs the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston and the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, Massachusetts. She calculates the amount of food that each animal needs, develops enrichment plans to help the animals fulfill their needs at the zoo, and makes plans for safe rescues for any animal that… Learn more

Anne Knapp

Zoologist and Zookeeper Anne Knapp liked science when she was a kid, but she always wanted to be a dancer or an actor. She trained in dancing and theater until college, where she started as a theater major at Central Michigan University. After some time, though, Anne decided that she should “really get a degree in something that wasn’t theater,” even though she “could still do theater if I wanted to.” She knew she was interested in nature, so she changed her major to biology. A life-changing moment happened when Knapp, who was still in college but thinking about training to… Learn more